The Snow Guarantee!

June 7th, 2010



What is it:
Get the amount of new snow mountainwatch is guaranteeing or your money back!

How it’ll work:
When it looks like the fresh stuff is coming, Mountainwatch will charge up the Guarantee – book yourself some snow time through the Guarantee and if we don’t deliver on the snow we’re guaranteeing you’ll get money back.

The Guarantee will get going on a Tuesday; availability will be limited so you’ll need to get in early to book the package on offer for that week. The taking of the all important snow measurement will be specified in the Guarantee – if we’re promising a 30cm dump, we’ll measure at the tail end of the dump, when we think the cover’s reached its peak.

Guarantees will run at different resorts at different times – when the fresh is falling there of course. You’ll have to go where we’re guaranteeing the snow that week and book with our participating partners.

Carving it up in Thredbo. Image – Thredbo

When it’ll happen
Mountainwatch will work with our travel and resort partners to get the Guarantee going throughout the season. Guarantee activation will be subject to the availability of the packages we’ll be using to get you to the slopes.

And of course… when snow is forecast.

Stay tuned for exciting Snow Guarantee updates.