FIS Australia New Zealand Continental Cup

August 17th, 2009

Hotham Alpine Resort is set to host the highest level of Alpine Ski Racing in the southern hemisphere this week with the FIS Australia New Zealand Continental Cup from 17 – 20 August. This event will features Olympians and National Team athletes from 18 different nations who will compete in two Giant Slalom and two Slalom races, to take home the title of ANC Champion and to elevate their world ranking.

More than 80 male and 50 female competitors will compete for the title. Competitors will represent race clubs from major Australian resorts and countries from as far as Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden and the US to name a few. The competitions runs from 17-20 August with a weather day scheduled for 21 August.

Five of the top seven ANC Cup points holders for the men and two of the top six ANC Cup points holders for the women will compete this week including Bjoergvin Bjoergvinsson who is ranked number 1 in the ANC points holding.
The next leg of the series is the New Zealand Winter Games at Coronet Park from 21-30 August.