The Pursuit – Featuring Janina Kuzma and Sam Smooty. Video

September 15th, 2022

Mountainwatch | Video

In the southern hemisphere winter of 2021, Janina Kuzma set out with the goal to summit Mt Tasman and ski down the committing descent of the Stevenson-Dick Couloir, with Sam Smoothy by her side for the journey.

The Pursuit explores the tremendous upskilling, mental and physical preparation required for a mission of this calibre, and follows the pair on the challenging climb and gruelling descent down New Zealand’s second highest peak.

“That’s what I love about ski mountaineering, all these challenges thrown at you.”


Photo: Jeffrey Ward

A Jase Hancox film The Pursuit is part of the series ‘A Winter Affair’ — a collection of ski films exploring far reaching places for unexpected ski lines, developed by The North Face team skier Janina Kuzma.

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