The Storm of The Year – Day 2 – Storm Journal

September 5th, 2017

Mountainwatch | Reggae Elliss

What a morning with 25cms of fresh snow, mixed in with wind-blown pow and continuous fresh turns thanks to continuous snowfalls filling in each run. The weather here in Thredbo is cold, still -6.1 on the mountain at midday with the wind-chill down at -19, so the snow quality if light and dry.

All resorts received good snow totals, Perisher topping out at 45cms overnight for a 24 hours total of 67cms. The Victorian resorts also did well with the 24 hours’ totals looking good with 10cms in Buller, 26cms in Hotham and Falls with 32cms.

Once again it is windy with poor visibility in open areas so it was another day to head for the trees which were epic.

The Grasshopper reckons we could see another 20cms by tomorrow morning followed by more snow showers and another 10-15cms. The temps should stay cold, so Wednesday is shaping up as another day to remembered.

The Storm Of The Year – Day 1

Stay tuned for daily updates as the storm progresses.


Morning snow report by Reggae Elliss

It is a day for powder turns, with a deep blanket of fresh light snow across the resort, the temps currently -5.8 in the valley and it is -8 up the top. The wind is moderate to strong out of the west, currently 51kms/hr up high with stronger gusts up high. There are a few isolated snow showers this morning, but we should see snowfalls increase during the day with the Grasshopper calling for another 40cms over the next 24 hours. The official call is 45cms since yesterday afternoon and with the poor visibility it is another day for the trees with Centre valley, North Perisher and Guthega the best options today. Plenty of fresh tracks to be had off piste, while the groomed runs have a nice layer of dry, fresh snow on a firm base. The Garsshopper’s forecast is looking good for the rest of the week, with snow showers continuing through to the weekend with potential for 10-15cms each day. It doesn’t happen often, but chains are required from Jindabyne to Perisher, and the Alpine way has snow down to low levels,so take it easy and get on the road early. Break out the powder boards or fat skis and have an awesome day.

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Hooking through the sticks. Perisher – September 5, 2017

Finding the pow stashes. Perisher – September 5, 2017

Rooster tail. Perisher – September 5, 2017

Staff had their work cut out for them today. Perisher – September 5, 2017


Morning snow report by Reggae Elliss

It is looking good out there with 15cms of snow on the road outside and another 20-25cms, possibly more, on the mountain since yesterday afternoon. The temp up the top is -7.6 and the snow is very light down to Bunnywalk getting a little heavier on the bottom slopes but still pretty good quality as is -2 in the village. It is not snowing now, but the forecast is for more snow showers later today, the Grasshopper calling for another 20-40cms over the next 24 hours. The wind is 51ks out of the west, gusting up to 90ks, and the groomers tell me there is a lot of snow blowing around with some big drifts of wind-blown snow mixed in with the fresh snow, but with the poor visibility it is another day for the trees. Plenty of powder turns on offer with Funnelweb, Cannonball, Bushranger, Michaels Mistake and the Glades will all be holding some nice snow, while the tree-lined runs like World Cup, Walkabout and High Noon are the picks of the groomed runs. It shaping up as one of the best powder days of the year but it is cold, the wind chill at -22.3, so rug up and make sure you have a decent low light lens in your goggles. Take care on the road as chains are required from Jindabyne and it’ll be a slow trip up – could be one of those days the school bus can’t make it up. Also, the Memorial Race is on today at Rossi Race course, if you haven’t registered, you can do it at 9.30 at the to pop the course. Enjoy the powder and have a great day.

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Arkie and Joey Elliss time out for a freshies day. Thredbo – September 5, 2017

Pow turns all day. Thredbo – September 5, 2017

Joey Elliss ripping in the fresh. Thredbo – September 5, 2017

Chris Booth finding the goods. Thredbo – September 5, 2017

Mt Hotham

Morning snow report by Bill Barker

We are on! 18 cm of cold dry snow overnight and it is still snowing heavily this morning. Yesterday warmed unexpectedly and turned into a bit of a fizzer but I do not think that will be the case today. The wind is a strong northwesterly blowing the snow into all of the right places but the wild weather may play a little havoc with some of the higher and outer lifts. Have a ripper day out there but save some in the tank for tomorrow because the real fun has just started!
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First tracks wheelie. Mt Hotham – September 5, 2017

Not a track in sight. Mt Hotham – September 5, 2017

Flat bikkies powder hack. Mt Hotham – September 5, 2017

Aussie gums looking might fine coated in the white stuff. Mt Hotham – September 5, 2017

Falls Creek

Morning snow report by Layla Lee
This is not the Spring we know, this storm could push us over the 2 metre mark! After yesterday, and with another 20-40cm forecast for today with a bit more everyday until the weekend hits, we’re shaping up to have the Spring of all Springs! The wind’s dropped off a bit for now but everything is indicating another wild day with potential wind hold on all or selected lifts. Keep yourself informed, hope you get out there!

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Mt Buller

Morning snow report by Rob Sparrow
We’re heading for another wintery day on Mt.Buller with a very high chance of snow, a chilly top of -4 and winds gusting up to 75km/h. Another 10cm of snow has fallen in the last 24 hours so be sure to get out there this morning to enjoy some spring time powder! Visibility is low and winds are high again today so stick to protected areas amongst the trees. The Canyon Rope Tows will be closed today and tomorrow for the Australian Interschool’s Cross country.

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Plenty of snow in the village. Mt Buller – September 5, 2017

Selwyn Snowfields

Morning snow report
It is going to be good day out there with another 15cms of fresh snow overnight, taking the total to 30cms since the cold front hit yesterday morning. It is a cold -4.5 with a west wind taking the wind-chill down to -10.5 and there snow is dry, with plenty of freshies to be had off piste. the groomers have left all of the main runs looking good with a layer of fresh snow on a firm base and with more snow showers forecast it is going to be a special day. The road is icy and 2WDS need chains, so take care on the drive up and have a great day.

Check the Selwyn Snow Resort forecast

With just under 30cm of fresh snow across the resort in the past 24 hours, we’re snowed under! We’re under a blanket of white, with 100% terrain open today & more snow on the way! Tops of -2C, 80% chance of snow all day and moderate winds. Rug up and come enjoy it with us! – Selwyn Snowfields

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