The Storm Of The Year – Day 3 – Storm Journal

September 6th, 2017

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Morning snow report by Reggae Elliss
Man, there is a lot of snow out there and today looks like it will be the best day of the year, if not the past few years, even better than yesterday. The snow continued to fall all day yesterday with another 25-30cms by the time lifts closed and the groomers tell me we’ve had another 40cms since then on the mountain, maybe more, and there is another 15cms in the village overnight and this could be the best powder day in years. It is cold, -4 in the village and -7 up the top where there’s a strong WNW at 72ks and the wind-chill is -23.8! The groomers have a hard time overnight with limited visibility with the Supertrail, True Blue, High Noon and Walkabout with a layer of fresh snow on a groomed base and at this stage it is likely Karels, Basin and Sponars will be on visibility hold. Another day to head for the trees with some epic turns waiting in Golf Course, Funelweb, Cannonball, Snowgums, Pegasus, the Glades etc etc – one of those days where Thredbo comes onto its own as the best resort in Australia with 100% of the terrain covered in a blanket of powder. It will be slow going on the drive up with snow on the road down to Wollondibby and chains are required from Penderlea up to the village and the village roads are slick and snowy. The Grasshopper’s forecasting another 10-15cms today and more snow showers tomorrow before things start to clear on the weekend, Sunday looking like it’ll be sunny. In the mean time, enjoy the fresh powder and have an awesome day – it will be sensational.

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Pow blast – September 6, 2017 @thredboresort

The fish was a good call – September 6, 2017 @thredboresort

Popper in the trees – September 6, 2017 @thredboresort


Morning snow report by Reggae Elliss

Another awesome powder day coming up with 40cms of snow since lifts closed and with the temp at -7.7, the snow quality is light and dry. The wind is strong for the west, currently 69kms/hr which may cause some lifts to be on hold; check the status boards and the resort website for updates. Visibility is poor again so another day to head for the trees with Centre Valley, North Perisher, Smiggins and Guthhga offering some protection and definition and holding some epic powder. There are 36 groomed runs with Happy Valley, Front Valley and Blanchy’s at Smiggins the picks. The storm total is hitting one metre and the next reading at Spencer Creek from Snowy Hydro is going to be over two metres for the first time in a few years. Another slow drive up with chains being fitted from Waste Point to Perisher, so give yourself plenty of time to get up here. The Grasshopper is forecasting another 10-15cms today and more snow showers tomorrow before the weather starts to clear on the weekend,check out the forecast for the up to date details. The wind-chill is down at -24, so rug up, make sure you have a good low light lens in your goggles and get out there for more powder turns. Have great day.

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For those that didn’t go, the key is to breathe … September 6, 2017 @perisher_resort

Pretty good problem to have – September 6, 2017 @perisher_resort

Mt Hotham

Morning snow report by Bill Barker

Before we talk about today, how good was yesterday! We have had some great days this winter but I reckon yesterday was the best of them, and although I admit my memory is not the greatest, I can’t remember too many as good. There was really only 1 lift running but with a little creativity and a bit of effort, you could ride super dry untracked powder all day, and the snow quality was as good as it gets (It kinda reminded me of being back in Kashmir). Hats off to all of you hard core Hothamites who thrive on a bit of wild weather, and made the most of a really special day. Now for today. Well, it is pretty much the same, with just a little less snow overnight and the wind has backed off a couple of notches. We have only had an average of 11 cm on the stakes, but again, there are drifts all over the place up high, while most of the snow has been blown down into the valley. The temp is currently minus 6.7 and we are heading for a top of minus 3 so the snow will stay dry again all day. Get out there! The Harrietville Road. Weather permitting, the Harrietville road is intended to open at 8am this morning.

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Falls Creek

Morning snow report by Layla Lee

Oh my we’re only a few cm’s off the two metre mark, and it’s September! We got another good dose of high quality, super dry snow through yesterday and last night. The wind has completely dropped off this morning, today will be magic out there. We’ll still get bits and peices of snow all through the week and then clearing after the weekend.

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Mt Buller

Morning snow report by Rob Sparrow

WOW!! Another 29cm of snow has fallen in the last 24 hours. With very cold overnight temperatures the quality of the snow is the best it’s been all season. Skiing and snowboarding will be phenomenal across the whole resort again today, be sure to stick in the trees in order to hide from the strong winds. Have a great day!

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Selwyn Snowfields

Morning snow report

What a week this is turning out to be with another 25cms of snow overnight and we’re in for another powder day. It is currently -4.9 with a WSW wind at 14ks taking the wind-chill down to -10.2 and the snow is light and dry. There are some big wind drifts other and it is a day for powder turns off piste, the tree-lined runs offering the best visibility. The groomers have also been busy with the main runs having a layer of fresh snow on a groomed base, perfect for one turns this morning. More snow is on the way tomorrow before we start to see this storm finally clear off on the weekend. Check out the Grasshopper’s forecast for all the details, but there are more fresh turns to be had over the coming days. Chains ar being fitted to 2WDs so take care on the road and have great day.

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Tools down! September 6, 2017 – Selwyn Snow Resort

Charlotte Pass

Morning snow report

Wow, this is the storm that keeps on giving with another 35cms overnight, taking the total to 55cms in the past 24 hours. The temp is -5 in the village and -7 up the top and we are talking quality, dry powder snow and there are some awesome fresh turns waiting out there this morning. Visibility is poor and there is a lot of snow blowing around the peaks thanks to a moderate to strong westerly wind. The groomed runs are best on the lower slopes while it is a case of head for the trees for some powder turns off piste. Snow showers are forecast to continue today and tomorrow, the Grasshopper calling anotherr 10-15cms on both days, so this is going to be the best storm in years. It is cold, so rug up and get out there for some awesome powder turns and have a great day.
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