Aussie Engineers Come Up With A Beanie That Offers The Same Protection As Helmets

December 14th, 2018
A beanie with the same protection as a helmet.


Mountainwatch | Press Release


A biomedical engineer and product engineer at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane are set to launch a revolutionary soft helmet to market, in a bid to prevent head injuries on the slopes.

The world first beanie-to-helmet design, known as the ANTI Ordinary A1, is made from non-Newtonian materials that are soft and comfortable while being worn, but instantly harden upon impact.



Co-Founder Rob Joseph said he was excited to debut the innovative design via a Kickstarter launch on 14January, 2019.

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring this vision to life and to exceed the certifications that state we are as safe as other helmets on the market,” Mr Joseph said.

“We can’t wait to launch this stylish and comfortable design that will change the way we look at helmets, and hopefully, save lives,” he said.

Co-Founder Brodie Robinson said ANTI Ordinary had been inspired to create the design after noticing many snow sports enthusiasts wore a beanie instead of a helmet.



“Many skiers and snowboarders wear beanies instead of safe helmets – but now, they don’t have to choose between comfort and safety,” Mr Robinson said.

“Non-Newtonian materials have been traditionally used in products such as back protectors and elbow guards, but we saw an opportunity to amplify this and really make a difference in the snow sports industry by launching the ANTI Ordinary A1.

“But we won’t stop at this design, as we’ve got big plans for 2019 – we’ll be working on helmets for the medical market too as we use our tech to assist those at risk of falls, including those living with epilepsy,” he added.



The ANTI Ordinary A1 will launch on Kickstarter on 14 January 2019, with those interested encouraged to pre-register interest here: