One Last Lap – Mt Bogong Spring Tour

October 30th, 2018


Crystal Whitely and Toby Fleming about to reach the peak of Eskdale Spur


Mountainwatch | Words Chrystal Whitely. Photos Teddy Laycock

As we walked through snow, mud and rocky terrain we pondered on our up-and-coming migration to the northern hemisphere and wondered if our little mission was considered just a little spring skiing session or pre-season training.


A perfect spring sunset

It might be a long walk between the slushy remains of the winter but with a with a can-do attitude you’ll see that almost anything is skiable. It just might also include tree skiing in a different sense (a little more grass and a lot less snow).


Crystal following the snow down from Audux Point


It’s not wide but the fall-line is consistent with a few different options

With these warmer late-October temps and longer days there is definitely a shift in priorities when packing your pack – fewer layers and a lot more food and liquid hydration. Springtime is no time for dehydrated food. Cryovaced steaks, fresh veggies and desserts are a must at this time of the year.


A slin slice of snow to skin across


Crystal getting into a bit of shrub skiing.

While most trade in their skis for surfboards at this time of the year, we turn our sights to the first-class slush.  What can beat long lunches with mates on mountain tops, lathering on that spf50 faster than you can sweat it off and making the difficult decision between cask wine and another full-strength beer while watching the sunset at the end of a long day?


Sunset laps on Haunted


A bird’s eye view over cocktail hour


There’s something special about camping under a clear alpine sky