VIDEO PHOTO BLOG Storm Chasin’ USA 2 – Epic Day

February 11th, 2011


Behind the lens, the long range lens

Blog | Tess Cook

As days in the office go, this was one of the all time. After a night of solid snowfalls, Crested Butte hooked us up with ski patroller ‘H-Bomb’ to head into all the extreme zones before they were cleared for public access. The result – a morning for us of pristine terrain and more than a couple of jealous faces as we ducked under the closed ropes while the Joe-Public waited on the sidelines for the ropes to be taken down.

Along with Boen and Charlie we were skiing with epic telemarker Max Mancini and former World Champion extreme skier Wendy Fisher, now a mum of two. All four of them, on the kind of ridiculously extreme terrain Crested Butte provides – awe inspiring.

Crested Butte’s Chris Segal caught it all on video

The briefing in the ski patrol hut, making sure we’re ready to handle ourselves in the closed zones

Boen, Charlie, Wendy, Chris & Max with Harro ready to head into the closed zones

Hiking out, first thing in the morning we were straight into the back bowls

Max, wish I’d waited a few more seconds to press the shutter cause Max in the air was pretty spectacular

The morning photo shoot, we were half way down this mighty steep face, which seemed fine, until Boen dislodged a waterfall of debris and I suddenly had visions of the whole slope sliding on top of us

Ski patroller H-bomb showing us how it’s done. ‘H’, as he’s called, was our guide for the day, taking us into the closed zones. Can’t thank him enough!

Chris the filmer, looking so all alone on his little hill

Boen, Charlie, Max – mittens aren’t that dexterous when you’re trying to make a hand symbol (not sure what symbol they were going for though)

Boen checking out a nice little patch of fresh

Max through the trees


Wendy can claim naming rights to this new drop, not bad for a mum of two

Charlie, getting it done


Max in the long range lens

Wendy in the long range lens


Boen, contemplating his line down The Edge. The Edge is one of the crazier runs in a resort of extreme terrain

Harro in the ‘office’


Boen again

Max enjoying the pow