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Partly Cloudy

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Australian Alps Detailed Forecast

The Mountainwatch Detailed Forecast is provided by our resident meteorology sensei "The Grasshopper". The analysis is issued every morning and is intended to provide an additional human element to the automated forecast data provided above. Sometimes we won't agree exactly with the model data - but if we ever call something significantly different we'll do our best to explain why.

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7:00am Thursday 27 July 2017

Conditions Summary:
It is mostly clear with moderate north-westerly winds. Temperatures are between 0c and -7c. We have a temperature inversion so it is colder down in the valley than up top.

Synoptic Outlook:
It will be partly cloudy today with strong north-westerly winds as a cold front tracks in from the west. The front is on the weak side. We will have a few light rain showers overnight followed by 1-6 cm of snow tomorrow morning down to 1400m. A high will build back in on Friday afternoon and skies will start to clear.

The high doesn’t hang around for long. It will drift east on Saturday while a cold front marches in from the west. Winds will pick up from the north-west and import mild air. Temps will get up to +5 to +7c in the middle of the day. The front heads south-east on Saturday night, all that nasty mild air means that we will get rain to all levels. 5-15 mm will fall before temps drop on Sunday afternoon in the fronts wake. By that point the showers will be falling as snow about the peaks giving a dusting but we will continue to see light sleet/rain showers below 1700m. This is definitely a Debbie Downer of a forecast. I want to be telling you that 25cm + of snow will fall but things just aren’t shaping up that way at the moment. How long can it be until we get a big dump…?

Image Of The Day:

The cold front that will give a dusting of snow tomorrow morning is hanging out to the west. :: BOM (vandalised by the Grasshopper)

Thursday 27 July:
Partly cloudy. Moderate north-westerlies this morning will strengthen this afternoon. Strong to gale force winds overnight with a few light rain showers by dawn.

Friday 28 July:
Becoming colder. Light snow showers will give between 1-6 cm during the morning. Cloud breaking up in the later afternoon/eve. Moderate westerly winds.

Saturday 29 July:
Sunny with strong to gale force north-westerlies. Mild temperatures but feeling cold in the wind.

Sunday 30 July:
5-15mm of rain during the early morning hours followed by a dusting of snow on the upper slopes in the afternoon. Strong north-westerly winds.

Extended Outlook:
Monday and Tuesday will continue mostly cloudy with a few light snow showers/flurries between the departed front and a high building in from the west. Amounts will be higher in VIC (5-15 cm) which is best placed to intercept moisture coming in from the west. NSW will have 2-8 cm. High pressure will build in for Wednesday giving us a sunny day with light winds. Winds will strengthen from the north on Thursday as a low originating in SA heads our way. There is still a lot of uncertainty with regards to this system. However, whatever the case, the air associated with the system will not be super cold so we will likely see a rain/snow mix. I’m going to make an initial estimation of 10-30 cm of wet snow down to 1700/1800m with sleet and rain on the lower slopes. So, it could be a more damaging than beneficial event all considered. I will give you more detail on this one tomorrow!

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Mount Cook116 cm
Mount Olympus40 cm
Mount Aspiring39 cm
Mount Cheeseman37 cm
Tukino37 cm
Turoa37 cm
Whakapapa37 cm
Temple Basin36 cm
Hanmer Springs35 cm
Mount Lyford35 cm
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