FACETS – New All-Women Snowboard Film Featuring The North Face’s International Team

November 25th, 2020

Mountainwatch | Video

FACETS is a new snowboard film presented by The North Face that features its international women’s snowboard team and celebrates each individual, their uniqueness and how they learn from each other.

Starring Amanda Hankison, Jess Kimura, Leanne Pelosi, Mary Rand and Marion Hearty, FACETS explores the path each rider has taken to get to this point and how snowboarding and the mountains have influenced their lives. The film is a showcase of progressive snowboarding in all terrain and conditions, not surprising given this team is made up of five of the world’s best freeriders. They all rip and the film shows that contemporary snowboarding is not defined by gender.

“Back in the day we didn’t have teams like this, full of five women who all have different paths from different countries and different abilities coming together. That’s the part where we get to push each other to do things greater than ourselves.”


Leanne Pelosi has pioneered women’s big mountain snowboarding.


Starring Amanda Hankison, Jess Kimura, Leanne Pelosi, Mary Rand, Marion Hearty

Directed and Edited by Mike Quigley

Produced by Sherpa Cinemas